When to Eat Protein Bars

When to Eat Protein BarsProtein bars, shakes and other supplements benefit the fit, quick and mindful. When grabbing “protein on the go,” many consider health-conscious alternatives to eating heavy foods, thick protein steaks and nutritional supplements. Protein bars are incredibly beneficial to those with active lifestyles, though they should be consumed both at the right time and in the right way,

How much is Enough?

Before knowing when to eat protein bars, knowing adequate amounts is important. Healthy adults require an average of 0.4 grams of protein gauged against a single pound of body weight. For example, someone weighing 120 pounds requires 48 grams of protein when engaging fit, active lifestyles.

Additionally, spreading large quantities of protein throughout the daytime is important for those with heavier bodies. An individual weighing 180 pounds shouldn’t consume 72 grams of protein within one sitting. In fact, the human body should only consume approximately 40 grams per meal, as the body has difficulty processing additional amounts.

In the Morning

Alright, so you’ve determined proper protein intake amounts. When consuming protein bars, consuming one during breakfast is often a great idea. Most protein bars contain additional carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and fiber. A protein bar consumed in the morning jump-starts one’s bodily functions, aiding in digestion to reduce fat throughout the day.

The Post-Workout Routine

Additionally, don’t forget the critical “post-workout meal.” Within the first 60 minutes following a workout, your body will be in a hyperbolic state—in which it consumes, rapidly, any inbound nutrition. Consuming a protein bar during this window will drastically aid muscle growth while supporting your workout-shocked body.

Throughout the Day

Regardless of your workout schedule, having a protein bar, mid-day, is an excellent practice. It keeps your system running, it aids digestion and it promotes muscular growth. Again, avoid consuming mass amounts of protein at once. When consuming protein bars throughout the day, selecting bars containing 20 to 40 grams of protein is an optimal choice. Like meals, shakes and other supplements, protein bars should be taken responsibly, and your body’s needs should always be heeded before, during and after consumption.